POP CORN BEACH: the beach covered with popcorn

There is a beach where corals have mysteriously taken the form of millions of popcorn. Let's see it together

Credits: @corrii__ IG

I do not recommend going to Fuerteventura hungry because you could risk wanting to eat the whole beach that I am about to introduce you to.

Goodbye to the fine sand of the Maldives or the typical stones of Liguria, this time there will be millions of popcorn under the beach towels.

POP CORN BEACH: the beach covered with popcorn

#The Pop Corn Beach

Credit: @eliacristini

We are in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands most visited and loved by tourists for its mild climate all year round and phenomenal waves but perhaps also for the presence of this unusual beach.

It was called “Popcorn beach” but in reality its real name is Playa de Majanicho and is located near the city of Corralejo, on the northeastern coast of the island.

It is easy to understand where the nickname of this beach comes from: when we arrive at Pop Corn Beach, an expanse of popcorn stretches out in front of us before reaching the ocean.

#The mystery of the corals’ shape

Credit: @mejiasy

What looks like popped corn kernels are actually corals washed ashore by the current.

This is a common phenomenon: coral is reduced to fragments and crumbled by the continuous marine erosion exerted by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but why it took this form of popcorn still remains a mystery.

It goes without saying that the shape of the corals has made the beach very famous.

What is most striking is that it is not just an optical effect that deceives from afar, even when you pick up the corals they look like real popcorn ready to be eaten in front of a film.

# One of the most famous beaches in the world

Credit: @taste_by_k

The popcorn beach show has, as you can imagine, become one of the most popular destinations for tourists eager to take pictures with the fake popcorn in hand.

The popcorns of the popcorn beach have in fact now become real stars: the photos of tourists pretending to eat popcorn-shaped corals are now millions on social media.

This out-of-the-ordinary beach is a sight to behold at least once in a lifetime, but please eat something before you go.