The LOCATION where you TAN faster in Italy

The challenge of tanning has started. Who wants to win it can not miss this destination

We are certainly no longer in the era where the pale and not tanned skin makes nobility, indeed it is the opposite. The more tanned you are the more it means that you have the opportunity to go on vacation and stay three months at the sea or in the mountains. With tanning oils and techniques to be darker and darker, the summer challenge has started. For those who want to win it, this is the destination not to be missed.

The LOCATION where you TAN faster in Italy

However, it is not needed to wait hours and hours in the sun to take melanin and tan better, in Italy, in fact, there is a place where you can tan much faster than usual. It’s been revealed the secret of getting a quick tan if you don’t have too many days.

# Quartz and minerals in the sand help a faster tan

Spiaggia Sottomarina

The effects of the sun on the body change depending on where you are. Exposing yourself to the sun’s rays being in a boat is different from sunbathing in the mountains or in the city. The environment in which you are, reflects the rays in a different way and for this reason there are places where you can tan more or where exposure to the sun is good for your health, while in others it’s not the same. About 3 hours from Milan, in the district of Chioggia, in the province of Venice, the special composition of the beach allows you to tan faster.

We are in Sottomarina, a village formerly called Chioggia Minore, an ancient village with colorful houses and beach resorts ready to accommodate tourists. Here the sand is composed of dolomitic quartz rocks, ferrous minerals and micaceous elements that make the action of the sun more efficient. Sunbathing on the beaches of Sottomarina makes tanning not only faster and more intense, but also more lasting.

# Not only sunbathing: here below what to do in Chioggia and Sottomarina


Iodine, quartz and all the minerals of the sand of Sottomarina, combined with a continuous sea breeze, facilitate to tan faster and suffer less heat. But Sottomarina isn’t just sunbathing and salt water. To get around Chioggia and Sottomarina the ideal is to go by bike, of which the town is full.

Chioggia is well known as the “little Venice”, very similar to the real one, its palaces and its colorful houses that stand out against the blue sky, make the town a pleasant surprise. But Chioggia also hides some esoteric mystery: here, for example, there are a house of witches and a headless statue. The little town Sottomarina is also ideal for enjoying the beach and the sea, even with a horse ride, and eating “cicchetti” accompanied by a spritz. All this while you are sunbathing!


(Original article By Beatrice Barazzetti )

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