The “Titanic of the Mountains”: the MOST BEAUTIFUL STATION in Europe becomes a LUXURY HOTEL

The "Titanic of the Mountains" abandoned about 50 years ago

Credits: Canfranc

A station was built with the intent of being the most beautiful in Europe. It witnessed a part of history that will never be forgotten, nor repeated. Legends have always surrounded it, but now the station in question is finally ready for its transformation.

The “Titanic of the Mountains”: the MOST BEAUTIFUL STATION in Europe becomes a LUXURY HOTEL

# Canfranc, “the Titanic of the mountains”


We are talking about the station of Canfranc in the municipality of Huesca, Aragon. About 1000 meters above sea level, the railway is known as the “Titanic of the Mountains” or “The mausoleum of the Pyrenees”. The station was abandoned about 50 years ago, after witnessing a few episodes of World War II. Events certainly exaggerated by rumors and legends, but with a kernel of thruth of truth, according to historical record.

Canfranc was utilized during the Franco regime as a trade site for tungsten, a material used for the construction of tanks – in exchange for Nazi gold. Furthermore, it is said that it served as an escape route for Jews during the French persecutions in Vichy. While there is no evidence to confirm that, rumors have it that some Jews managed to use it as a secret passage. A station rich in history, yet not important enough to avoid being abandoned – for a while. As a matter of fact, not only has the station finally become popular among tourists, this year it is also preparing to be turned into a luxury hotel.

# The step from station to hotel

interno vecchia stazione Canfranc

The Canfranc station was built to compete with the greatest European railway cathedrals. Designed in 1853, it was only built in 1928 and abandoned just over 50 years later. It was meant to be one of the most beautiful stations in Europe, but without success. Perhaps not until now. Thanks to an investment of 27 million euros, 12 of which funded by the government, the station will be transformed into a luxury hotel boasting 124 rooms. Construction works should be completed next year.

The facade of the hotel will remain mostly unchanged compared to the station, with its 365 windows and the 200m quay. The interior, however, will change significantly: It will feature a 200-seat congress centre, a railway museum, shops and a refuge for pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago.

# Dreaming the connection from Canfranc to France

Canfranc also confirms that the redevelopment project of Canfranc doesn’t end here. While the old station will be turned into a hotel, the region wants to re-establish its trade with France, which had made the station so important to begin with. A new station was built in front of the hotel-to-be which, up until now, has served as terminus station of the Zaragoza route, and is expected to reopen its international connections. The idea is to restore the Somport tunnel, connecting both  Zaragoza to Canfranc and Canfranc to Pau, in France.