The WATERFALL village

The village with its 13 waterfalls in one of the most mysterious and unexplored lands of Italy

Hidden at the extreme borders of Italy, in one of the most mysterious and unexplored territories, there is the “waterfall village”. It takes almost 5 hours by car from Milan on the other hand, a relaxing weekend in the land of waterfalls is definitely worth. Also because it is located in an extraordinary region, still very underestimated.

The WATERFALL village

# 13 waterfalls in one village on the border with Slovenia

Credits: @francytavano Chiusaforte

We are in Carnia, at the end of Friuli, on the border with Slovenia. Chiusaforte, with its 603 inhabitants, and about 400 meters above sea level, is a unique village in Italy. Its peculiarity is that, among the wild and lush nature that surrounds the village, there are 13 waterfalls.

The waterfalls of Chiusaforte, with its crystal blue water and unspolied landscapes, are a true spectacle of nature. The most famous waterfall is the “Fontanone of Goriuda”, in the “Raccolana Valley” at more than 800 meters high, which falls into a little lake where you can relax enjoying the clean air of the low mountain location.

cascate repepeit

13 waterfalls in a single village are a unique peculiarity. In addition to the “Fontanone of Goriuda”, another waterfall, where you can relax, is the one of “Rio Repepeit”. Here, crossing a bridge where you can see the first waterfall jump, the real water falls into a lake of fresh water which in winter is very popular among ice-climbing fans.

# Not only waterfalls


Chiusaforte is located at the end of the “Raccolana” Valley, it is crossed by the river Fella and it is a village that has always been important for its strategic location. Since ancient times it had control over the roads of the area and already at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire it was a tourist destination for those who wanted to visit Italy. You can therefore imagine that in the country of the waterfalls there are not only them to see: it is worth a visit to the old town with the stone houses and the bell tower of the San Bartolomeo Church.

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(Original article by Beatrice Barazzetti)

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