Dictatorship is the “one-level thinking”

Over the last two years, we have discovered something crucial

Over the last two years, we have discovered something crucial: Democracy does not exist if everyone thinks the same way, because it automatically turns into a dictatorship.

If we all sync on the one-level thinking, the systems of democratic control, such as the court or the media, act to strengthen the dominant thought and the laws are interpreted and manipulated to validate the unique thinking, rather than to limit its abuses or to protect those who think differently.

The pillar of democracy is granting different opinions. A real democracy, in order to work properly, should provide us with an automatic system of objections, by creating different opinions, simply to be compliant. So, freedom should be measured not on the basis of the freedom enjoyed by those who align themselves with the dominant thinking but on the freedom enjoyed by those who oppose or distance themselves from the flat thinking.

If people and control systems comply with the prevailing thought, there is no longer need of any act of abuse to establish a dictatorship.


(Original article By Andrea Zoppolato & Duilio Forte)

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