The POLE SHIFT, the biggest transformation in a million years

What is Pole Shift and what consequences could it have?

The Pole Shift, the inversion of the poles is an evidence. And, also, is an evidence that we live in an electric universe.

We are batteries, the world is a batteryas well, even if we did not fully explore electromagnetism. And when we did, such as for the fourth dimension of Maxwell, we still did not investigate enough.

Newton himself suspected that tides – rather than been induced by Earth-Moon attraction – were managed by electromagnetism. Fresh water mirrors, actually, do not react like salt water masses. This led him to deeper inquire the role of salinity as a potential electromagnet, rather than punting on gravitational phenomenon.

# Just once in quite a million years

Now, the inversion of the magnetic poles will produce events that are difficult to predict. More so, being an event probably happened only once, about 800,000 years ago. Yet, it probably will upset the climate of planet Earth.

But how exactly happens Pole Shift and what consequences could it have?

The Pole shift is the migration of the planet’s magnetic pole, from Canada to Siberia, whose final outcome will be the inversion of the poles. This progression has accelerated tremendously in recent years, until to half a mile per month of movement.

Also remaining neutral, it is difficult to believe that nothing will happen. At least the jet streams that regulate the climate will be influenced by this event. Someone believes that this could even change the earth’s crust, as one of the consequences of the shift is a progressive weakening of the magnetosphere of the crust that protects the earth from cosmic rays. Earthquakes, tides and a general increase in the susceptibility of the earth’s crust would probably foretold the event, someone assumes.

Constantly monitoring the process, NASA deployed a number of hypotheses, ranging from a stalemate to a termination event, which could cancel life on the planet.

Then, an event potentially leading to life end would deserve more attention.

# Is the deadline a step away?

Whatever it is, an event that happened only once in planet history is unlikely to have no impact. One of the problems, yet, is understanding when it will occur. Some argue that the inversion will happen when drift will reach longitude 40°. If astrophysicists calculus were true, we would be very close, the deadline being around March 2023.

Why this is not today matter of widespread analysis leaves is inexplicable. Though, we could not understate how in such an eventful moment social debate polarizes on contingent factors that seem more projected alike a mass distraction game plan.

We must note as endogenous collapse would correspond to a radical exogenous transformation: more, the two changes are likely to output in sync. World economy system is close to collapse for endogenous reasons, for having encountered its growth limits. The planet, for its part, seems to have lost its balance and started towards a radical conversion that will lead to a new form of balance.

# Two possible strategies

Now, there could be two different approaches to an event such this.

The first, is to consider this theme as a prerequisite for an awakening of awareness. Even the intentionality of the planet seems be signaling an epochal change, affecting our world and consequently us. In this scenario, we are part of this transformation which, though dramatic, invite us to change and get to know each other in a broader cycle.

It is an opportunity to re-meet those cyclical processes that are part of the human being, but which have been forgotten for a solipsistic and schizophrenic vision of existence.

Collective destiny is the call that transcends the individual dimension, re-entering the unity of creation. A metaphor of the dialectical poles within which life is contained: birth and death, plus and minus, the magnetic poles itself. We call “life” the voltage flowing through these two poles.

There is another strategy, opposite to that of awareness and encounter. It’s the ostrich strategy, consisting in building underground facilities, huge buried shelters such as that under Denver airport, and in countless other places on Earth.

It’s a fatally loosing strategy, the stolid vision of damned souls trying to escape like mice from an inexorable reality. An inexorable and, for them, terrifying reality from which there is no escape.

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