Would the TULIP be the most beautiful skyscraper worldwide?

The project looks amazing. The Tulip seems destined to revolutionize London’s skyline. So revolutionary to start a mayhem

Credits: futuroprossimo.it

The project already looks amazing, and The Tulip seems destined to twist London’s skyline. The concept, itself, is quite unexpected: this architectural piece of art will not be built to be home to any office, but instead of all kind of entertainment assets. In last two years, while designers Foster & Partners are waiting for a verdict to start building, the project has been polarizing the opinion of Londoners and the Mayor himself, leading to a lawsuit.

Would the TULIP be the most beautiful skyscraper worldwide?

A futuristic skyscraper with no offices. Potential London’s second highest building will reach 305,3 meters, right behind Renzo Piano’s “Shard”

Credits: lanuovalondra.it

The Tulip – a nickname, due to its typical shape – is already popular among London inhabitants. The project sets up an about 305,3 meters high skyscraper, hosting panoramic galleries rather than offices, and home to restaurants, outdoor spaces, didactical areas. Potentially, will be the second highest construction in the City, behind the 309 meters high Shard by Renzo Piano. But the location – Bry Street 20, close to St Mary Axe 30, a building also designed by Foster & Partners – has become an issue.

# The City of London approves the project: “it has the potential to become iconic”. Mayor Sadiq Khan is against it: The Tulip hides the Tower of London

At the beginning of the story, in 2019, the project was approved mostly as considered to become iconic. But, activists objected it would hide the Tower of London, and lead to its exclusion from UNESCO world heritage site. The Mayor itself took position against The Tulip realization, not consistent with the Urban Development Plan. London City Airport backed Sadiq Khan ostracism, raising doubts about the construction’s interference with flying activities. So, two years later, the Tulip is still waiting for a verdict that will mark the difference between making it real or remain a dream.

# Vertical see-through elevator, 360 view on the City: will this ever be a reality?

One of the highlights of the project itself is the presence of spectacular external see-through elevators reaching higher levels, and displaying a unique view of the urban panorama.

If finally licensed, The Tulip should be realized by the end of 2025. Foster & Partners decided to oppose the Mayor’s measure in January 2020 and in coming days there should be a verdict. The architects feel confident, after that some modifications to the project has make it compatible with the the urban plan. The entire process should create more than 1.000 places of job, and the building will be home to attractions, didactical areas, sky boxes, restaurants and cafes.