The TIGER’S Hour

For many of us, the Tiger’s Hour is now

According to Oriental philosophy our time does not always have the same level of importance.

There are different times. There is a time where you simply need to try to do your best in your everyday life and then there is a time when you are called to do something special, extraordinary.
This moment is called the Tiger’s Hour, which means that you have to bring out all your courage and strength like never before.

During the Tiger’s Hour you are going to build up your future. If, in that period of time, you are able to measure up and to go well above your comfort zone and stereotypes, you’ll have the possibility to birth to a new world, to a new phase in which you will be paid off by collecting rewarding results.

Otherwise, if you don’t take advantage of this specific moment due to cowardice, laziness, ignorance or just habit, the future will be lost forever and what has not been caught in this phase will never come back.

How do you know it is Tiger’s Hour?

There are very clear signals. An example is when we feel the distance from the reality around us versus what we really feel authentic and consistent with our nature.
If we are in this synergy with nature we can multiply the positive effects like increasing our energy so much that we can realize things that we had never imagined we could do.

Many of us feel that being able to rise at this very moment could have a fundamental impact on our lives and on so many other people’s life.
Most probably we have in our hands the unique opportunity to regenerate our lives.
For many of us, the Tiger’s Hour is now.


(Original article by LA FENICE)

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