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The great theme of a meritocratic society

Everyone is looking forward, like it was the arrival of the Golden Age, to the introduction of meritocracy at all levels of our society.

The concept is to select people according to their abilities and not according to other classical parameters, such as references, belonging an ideological group, like Freemasonry or vintage car club.

If that happened, our society would be divided into capable people and incapable people or disabled persons. Assuming that the skilled person will occupy all possible roles, where will the others find a place?

This is the great theme of the today’s Western society in which due to the mediocrity and the continuous lowering of education, most of the people fall into the second category, forming a large army of unworthy people looking for a possible role in the society.

If, on one hand the basic income can absorb a part of this multitude, the others, who still have a dignity and aspirations of an active role in this society, how can they be employed?

What is clear is that the meritocracy is a selection parameter only in a society in which the skills of each participant are highlighted and developed in the best possible way, by focusing the instruction following the personal abilities and by highlighting individual strengths and helping overcome the brakes.

On the contrary, by introducing the criteria of meritocracy in a standardized and homologation driven society, would lead only to a prevarication by those who excel in the imposed standard model, by amplifying the gap between rich people, who best perform homologated values and poor people who are below the dominant parameters of the system.


(Original article By Andrea Zoppolato & Duilio Forte)

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