IKEA launches the MINI-HOUSES: very cheap and feasible everywhere

The new project: a sustainable, self-sufficient and welcoming mini-house that you can place anywhere

Ikea, always focused on optimizing spaces, has decided to collaborate with the American company ESCAPE for a new project: a sustainable, self-sufficient and welcoming mini-house. Ikea is famous for its products that can fit everyone and even for the mini-houses they didn’t want to be left out; this is in fact ready to use. 17 square meters from about 40 thousand euros and, if you want it furnished (strictly with Ikea furniture), it costs just over 50 thousand euros.

IKEA launches the MINI-HOUSES: very cheap and feasible everywhere

# Why living in mini-houses?

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Vado a vivere in mini case

Recently, going to live in micro homes has become a lifestyle.

It is already famous in America, where in fact there are many families who have embraced this style of life; this phenomenon is spreading more and more on the international market. The mini-houses are small refuges that can be placed anywhere, for example in the countryside, so you can fully enjoy nature, but above all they are easily transportable.

This means that you can move from one city to another, but not changing your house. It’s an Incredible savings! The choice to buy a mini house is still very risky. It means living in small rooms, having half of the things and clothes you usually have and you need the ability to manage the small spaces at the very best. It would definitely be a big change and challenge.

# IKEA mini houses

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Interno minicasa

The Archtectural Digest described Ikea mini houses as “chic, sustainable, practical  and cost-effective”, meaning perfect. Thanks to the collaboration with Escape, which has been building sustainable and transportable mini houses for years, Ikea has managed to create a space where to live, small, but comfortable.

The mini houses are super bright, mainly because the light plays an important role on the space perception, they are built with entirely recyclable materials and guarantee low emissions. In short, they are a blessing for the environment.

Taking inspiration from the idea of a camper, the structure is made of cedar wood and inside you can find everything like in a normal house: a bed, a storage compartment, a bathroom, a washing machine, a dryer, a kitchen, a water heater and heating, folding sofa, a coffee table and USB sockets.

# A breakthrough for Italy too?

Who knows if in Italy we will support this American life style solution which is now also promoted by the famous Swedish company! Surely the environment would thank us if we all went to live in mini houses; there would be a huge reduction in emissions.

However, I believe, many people are still dreaming the villa at the seaside with swimming pool and a huge garden. But let’s not forget the importance and influence that Ikea has overall!


(Original Article by Beatrice Barazzetti)

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