The worst metro stations according to the Milanese

Credits arts_books_wines IG - Molino Dorino M1

In a poll on the fanpage of the online newspaper Milano Città Stato, it was asked: “Which metro stop do you hate? And why?”. Let’s find out which are the worst for the Milanese.


#1 Amendola M1: when it rains it’s a disaster

Credits mainardielisabetta IG – Amendola M1

The Amendola M1 station, the historic stop that led to the trade fair, is architecturally protected by the Superintendency for its particular glass structure that covers the mezzanine. When it rains, however, it is a disaster, more maintenance should be reserved for an asset considered to be of such collective interest.

Amendola, because I think it is the oldest and it always rains in it: it is very neglected! Cit. Fiorenza A.

#2 Cadorna M1-M2: the most crowded at peak times

Credits laromisa IG – Cadorna M2

In the Cadorna station it is better not to happen at rush hour. Between commuters arriving from regional trains of Cadorna train station and users who interchange between the two underground lines, green and red, you are in full brawl.

Cadorna, a perfect crowding storm. Cit. Allen M.

#3 Lotto M1-M5: a loop with no way out

Credits pallin86 IG – Corridor from M1 to M5

It cannot be said for certain that the connection between lines M1 and M5 is the most linear. On the contrary, most of the time you end up in a loop with no way out. To go from one line to another, in fact, you have to go through a long corridor, take several floors of escalators, paying attention not to take the one on the wrong side so as not to find yourself on the mezzanine or worse yet outside the station.

When I arrive in Lotto with the M1 I have to practically travel 3km and go down 7 floors to get to the M5 platform” – Cit. Mattia D.

#4 Stazione Centrale: a real maze

Credits milano_south IG – Stazione Centrale

Between tunnels, moving walkways and escalators that intersect perpendicularly and parallel, getting lost in Stazione Centrale (the Central Station of Milan) is an instant and arriving late to the M2 and M3 trains is almost a certainty.

“The central station! They’ve done a whole maze that you get old and you’re still there walking.” – Cit. Francesca D.

#5 In Loreto M1-M2 you risk losing your bearings

Credits areccofrancesco IG – Loreto M2

The exits of the Loreto M1 line stop are in piazzale Loreto, those of the M2 line in piazza Argentina, not exactly so convenient for an interchange. In fact, switching from green to red line is not so intuitive and you often risk losing your bearings when exiting the station.

Loreto. I don’t understand where I will go out … A unique disorientation! Cit. Pina

#6 Molino Dorino M1, aesthetics and safety fail

Credits arts_books_wines IG – Molino Dorino M1

Molino Dorino station on the M1 is certainly not among those to remember. On an aesthetic level, the combination of blue and red used for the mezzanine building is an eyesore. In terms of safety, it is a bit of a no-man’s land, both due to the fact that it is close to a state road and the abandoned grounds of the old mill, and because of the large flow of people that arrive with the suburban bus lines or for leave the car in the interchange parking lot. In the outdoor spaces it seems to be in an illegal landfill.

The worst…molino dorino” – Cit. Stefano M.

#7 The future Sforza M4 station without interchange

Credits: Urbanfile – The future interchange between M3 and M4 line

The Sforza M4 station has not yet been finished, but when it opens it is already known that it will be a nightmare given the absence of interchange with the Missori M3 stop. In fact, to change the line you will have to walk outdoors, perhaps loaded with suitcases and in the rain. A disaster foretold.

Even if it’s not open yet… Sforza M4! The lack of interchange with M3 is unqualified Cit. Fabio G.

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