The oldest TRAM in the world is from Milan

The oldest still active scheduled service in the world.


In Milan you travel by tram. To go shopping, to reach friends, workplaces and any destination near or far. Sometimes you simply do it to take a ride on the oldest tram in the world. It’s like enjoying the vintage style of the city.

The oldest TRAM in the world is from Milan

# The Milanese tram line

The Milan tram line is made up of seventeen urban lines. The oldest series still in circulation is the “tram type 1928”: 502 trams built between 1928 and 1932. 150 of them still run through the central streets of the city. Today it’s line 1 featuring these means of transportation. They are colored with the characteristic yellow and cream. They have internal wooden structures and angular shapes. The cabin, raised from the ground, is only accessible through steps.

Although they could be considered museum pieces, these rail vehicles still run around the city center. They offer many views of the historic places of Milan. They have large windows and guarantee part of the daily public mobility service.

# Changes for the future

Certainly several things have changed since the beginning of the twentieth century. Today tickets are stamped by orange electric machines. You can also register your access via magnetic cards. Today’s tram lines are of 4 or 5 different types and some are very modern. They have sinuous lines, street level access and more comfortable plastic seating than those wooden ones of line 1.

Milanese trams have different characteristics depending on the era in which they were made. Colors, seats, holds: each series of vehicles has a recognizable and unique characteristic. The 1928 type is the vintage line that allows you to travel through time comfortably seated on wooden benches. Its retro look, however, has to deal with the lack of air conditioning. The door starts opening before the vehicle has stopped, so be careful!


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