On the edge of a ravine, inside a labyrinth, suspended above the city or merged with the ocean...

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On the edge of a ravine, inside a labyrinth, suspended above the city or the ocean. Let’s find out which are the most spectacular pools in the world.


#1 The swimming pool between two buildings of The Arc Vancouver residential complex (Canada)

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In Vancouver, Canada, in the The Arc residential complex, a swimming pool was built between the two buildings of the structure. It is located on the 20th floor and the completely transparent bottom allows you to observe the town square below from a height of 60 meters as well as passing cars and pedestrians.

#2 The swimming pool with a desert view surrounded by canyons in the Amangiri Hotel (USA)

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The 5-star hotel Amangiri, in the state of Utah, is a structure perfectly integrated with nature and surrounded by canyons. Inside there is a spa, saunas and a swimming pool with a desert view built around some 165 million year old rocks.

#3 The private pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea at the Jade Mountain Resort (Santa Lucia – Central America)

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Jade Mountain Resort, on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, is a 5-star hotel built in the middle of nature with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea and the surrounding mountains. From every room you can admire the surrounding landscape from above while swimming in the private infinity pool.

#4 Sky Lagoon, 70 meters of seamless lagoon with the ocean (Iceland)

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The Sky Lagoon has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland, already called the most beautiful geothermal pool in the world. The lagoon has a width of 70 meters without interruption with the ocean thanks to the infinity edge. If you are lucky you can admire the show offered by the Northern Lights.

#5 Badeschiff, the swimming pool above the river (Germany)

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In Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, a rectangular swimming pool is opened above the River Spree every summer. Inaugurated in 2014 to allow Berliners to swim in clean waters, given the pollution of the course of the German capital, it also has a sandy beach with sun loungers and deck chairs and other areas for relaxation and sports. In winter it turns into an indoor sauna.

#6 Aquadome, between “flying saucers” and a pyramid (Austria)

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Among the swimming pools of the Hotel Terme and Spa Aquadome in Austria, the outdoor one resembles an “alien landscape“. Two huge circular structures, looking like flying saucers, are actually the heated pools in the mountains of this structure and are connected by a bizarre construction in the shape of a pyramid in the center.

#7 The infinity pool overlooking the lake and the Alps of Villa Honegg (Switzerland)

Credits villahonegg IG – Villa Honegg Infinity pool

The 5-star Hotel Villa Honegg, at an altitude of 914 meters above sea level, features an incredible outdoor infinity pool overlooking Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps. Heated all year round at about 33 degrees at its center, it has a circular whirlpool tub where you can relax while admiring the spectacle of nature.

#8 The labyrinth pool of the Therme di Vals (Switzerland)

Credits marta.mantoan IG – The Therme Vals

The Therme Vals, built on the thermal springs of the canton of Grisons in Switzerland, is a 5-star hotel designed by architect Peter Zumthor. Located at 1,252 above sea level, inside there is a swimming pool made like a labyrinth of tunnels that crosses the building.

#9 The swimming pool on the edge of a ravine of over 160 meters in The Edge Bali Resort (Indonesia)

Credits theedgebali IG – The Edge Resort Bali

Inside The Edge Bali Resort, located on a cliff overlooking the sea, there are spacious 5-star villas equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, tropical gardens and private sun terraces. A spa and wellness center where the real gem are the private pools 6 meters beyond the edge of a 162-meter ravine on the Indian Ocean. Not suitable for those suffering from vertigo.

#10 The 575-meter swimming pool with a “tourist” view of the Galaxy Hotel (Macau – China)

Credits travelmenu1 IG – Galaxy Hotel

In the 5-star Galaxy hotel in Macau, one of China’s special administrative regions along with Hong Kong, there is an outdoor swimming pool that stretches for 575 meters. A section of the route is suspended inside a transparent tube where, while swimming, tourists can be seen walking under their feet. Do not miss the water slides that pass through an artificial mountain and the rapids.

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