The most LOST post office in the WORLD is looking for employees

Changing jobs and escaping the world? You can do both

Changing jobs and escaping the world? You can do both by replying to a truly “exclusive” ad.

The most LOST post office in the WORLD is looking for employees

# At the edge of the world

In the far south of the world, on the island of Goudier, belonging to an archipelago between Argentina and Antarctica, a natural harbor rises on the coasts: Port Lockroy. This is where the more adventurous could move for 5 months: in fact, the post office and the small local museum are looking for staff, available from November this year to March next year.

# The necessary requirements

The resort is managed by the UK Antartic Heritage Trust, a British organization that aims to safeguard the Antarctic territory and make it known to new generations, so as to preserve its value over time. It is on their official website (UKAHT – Home) that it is possible to apply for this unusual job.

The selection includes interviews that confirm the presence of the most classic requirements such as leadership, experience in retail, asset management and the right to work in the territory of the United Kingdom. But even more important are the physical, medical and psychological requirements, which demonstrate whether or not the candidate will be able to live 5 months in one of the most remote, cold and lonely places in the world, together with 4-5 other colleagues, without water. current and in small spaces. Because this is where the main challenge lies.

Those who will be identified as suitable to fill the job position will have to follow a training course in October in Cambridge, England.

# The conditions and lifestyle in Port Lockroy


The water collected in large silos, the food regularly delivered by ship and the very limited electric current make life in Port Lockroy complex for most: it is necessary to give up the cell phone, the electric toothbrush and many of the other daily comforts of today. Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to smoke, for a matter of safeguarding the environment and local life, and also to venture into any playful, recreational or sporting activity outside.

# Penguins and tourists: the duties of the aspirant


The tasks required are different: managing the museum and its small souvenir shop, welcoming visitors (which are many more than one would expect, around 18,000 between November and March) and monitoring the penguin colony that lives on the island. Certainly nothing like the turnover of the Milanese.


(Original article by Alice Colapietra)