The SKYSCRAPER that looks like a TOY

A palace will soon arise that resembles children's toys, as if it were made of lego pieces

Credits - The Candid Tor Building

A curiously shaped skyscraper is about to rise: the project seems to imitate children’s toys. Let’s see where and what are the characteristics of the project.

The SKYSCRAPER that looks like a TOY

# Interlocking cubes


Interlocking games, dice, legos, games for children inspired by geometric shapes are numerous, they develop logical and motor intelligence, and entertain young and old. Dutch studio MVRDV seems to have been inspired by this type of toy when designing the Candid-Tor building. The idea is that of a building made up of seven sections, similar to cubes that rest on each other in a non-linear order. It looks like a giant-sized child has forgotten to put his toys away.

# The tower will be built in Munich

Credits – Aerial view

The presence of greenery will be important, in fact, on each cube there will be terraces with gardens, and green spaces will also be placed at its feet. The purpose of the construction is to re-evaluate the surrounding area. The building will be built in Munich, Germany, near the Candidplatz metro stop, an area subject to several redevelopment and rehabilitation projects, the proximity to the ring road had in fact meant that this area was left out. Previous buildings will be maintained and renovated, which will make the construction process more sustainable. In addition to the use of recycled material, sustainability will be respected thanks to the installation of solar panels, which will ensure the supply of energy necessary for the building.

# A new game

Credits – Game

The playful air of the building will also be given by the brightness of the building itself, which will be covered by small rectangular windows and stained-glass windows along its entire surface. This brightness combined with the white color, will make the building clearly visible within the area and give it air again, moving away from the dark colors that characterized the previous buildings. The shape, reminiscent of legos, will help to make the building suitable to host a nursery, a community and cultural center, as well as a service center for the elderly, restaurants and a fitness room. The playful physicality of the building will therefore make the structure even more suited to the personalities who will frequent it.


(Original article by Sarah Iori)