The shortest metro in Italy, the seventh shortest in the world. 8 stops for 7 kilometers. But it is working hard to lose this record

Genoa metro extension

The shortest metro in Italy, the seventh shortest in the world. 8 stops for 7 kilometers. But now he is working hard to lose this unedifying record.


# The feasibility study for 4 new stations is ready

Genoa metro extension

Genoa. The shortest metro in Italy connects the historic center with the Rivarolo district and consists of 8 stops for 7 km. It will soon add new stations and kilometers of route to its single-line network.

A feasibility study was drawn up to build 4 new stations on a one kilometer route to the west. The total planned investment is about 400 million euros and by the autumn, if funding is awarded by the government, the Municipality of Genoa will entrust the final project.

The new section for Sampierdarena will branch off from the Dinegro station, with the first stop under Via Dino Col serving the Matitone, the Genova Ovest tollbooth and the numerous offices in the area, the second under Villa Scassi for the benefit of the hospital, the third in piazza Montano with the interchange with the railway and the last one in Fiumara, serving the shopping center and important workplaces including Arpal (regional agency for environmental protection) and the Asl (Local Health Authority). The goal is to inaugurate the extension by 2027.

# The construction sites in progress for the opening of 3 new stops – Genoa underground

In the meantime, the construction sites for the extensions towards Valpolcevera and the San Fruttuoso district are progressing, for an investment of approximately 48 million euros. There are two stations planned, Canepari to the north with inauguration scheduled for the end of 2023, Martinez to the east in 2024. Instead, the request for funding from the Genoese administration is awaited for the construction of a subsequent stop in Canepari, that of Rivarolo.

The first inspections for the completion of the Corvetto station, never completed to date, are also underway, thanks to 43.8 million euros from the PNRR, and positioned halfway between the two existing stations of De Ferrari and the current terminus of Brignole.

# Hypothesis of extension to San Martino Hospital

genova_metropoli_italy IG – Genoa underground station

The Genoa metro line could then extend by another stop, after the Martinez station, to reach the San Martino hospital. The feasibility studies are dated and being updated, the costs assumed in the past were around 600 million euros. In the future, this stop would be even more important than years ago given that the new Terralba railway station, the terminus for metropolitan trains, will be built in the same areas.

# The Skymetro project in Valbisagno

Genoa Skytram station

To these construction sites and projects is added that of the Skymetro, already financed, an open and elevated five-meter metro that reaches the level of Brignole. It will be built on a single track from Brignole to Molassana and will run for seven kilometers, doubling the line. In the future it is assumed that the route will be extended to the Prato district.