This is the “CAFÉ” with the MOST BEAUTIFUL VIEW in the world

A paradise for those who love sitting in a bar and observing the world

Credits: Mountain Cafè

Imagine that you you are traveling and you are walking around the place you are visiting, after hours of walking you will be tired. This is where you glimpse a bar, it doesn’t look so close but a perfect place to relax. Then you set off.

This is the “CAFÉ” with the MOST BEAUTIFUL VIEW in the world

You have finally arrived at the Mountain Café and you realize that in this place you can drink a coffee or a cocktail while enjoying the most beautiful view in the world.

# It is in the city worthy of being included in the list of UNESCO heritage


What could be defined as the bar with the most beautiful view in the world is located in Jordan, precisely in the old capital Salt. The city, the ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire, is perched on top of the mountain and preserves an immense historical-artistic-cultural heritage. With its small streets and alleys leading to a historic center of inestimable beauty, the city nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Museums, churches, mosques, aromas, shops and a hospitable community make Salt an open-air museum.

# A wonderful view

Mountain Cafè

It is in this wonderful city, about 25km from the present capital of Jordan, Amman, that the Mountain Café was recently born. It is a bar on a terrace on top of a hill that offers views over the entire city of Salt. Its particularity, however, in addition to the excellent view and the low prices, lies in the place where customers can sit. The owners of the Mountain Café have created in fact comfortable bubbles, similar to glass igloos, that give privacy and at the same time the opportunity to try a unique experience.

# Italy could be a good competitor

Italy has wonderful views too: alps, sea, sea view from the heights, cities and so on. The Mountain Cafè from Salt managed to exploit the beauty of the city by creating an alternative bar concept that give a unique experience to its customers. The restaurant is becoming an increasingly attractive place, so as to become a tourist place and improve the economy of the area.

At this point you might wonder, why isn’t Italy running as a competitor of this new bar with the most beautiful view in the world? Italy has a great potential, it must only be able to exploit it. Where could the Italian Mountain Café be then?